Wednesday, May 25, 2011

random thoughts of the day 003

it's been an interesting day...

+ i got a job (well basically, they loved me, so i'm in there).
+ both of my parents had surgery today at different hospitals at the same time, neither of which i knew about until late last night.
+ as i was sitting in the prudential center, quietly reading "the alchemist" on a bench outside of express, some random chick comes up to me, tells me she's a psychic and is just shopping with her mom but she got a strong spiritual vibe from me and offered to give me a free reading because "something big is coming up for me and it's probably going to prove very good for me" and she wanted to tell me what it was and read more about me - i told her i like surprises.
+ i realized it costs an arm and a leg to take a taxi from downtown.
+ i also realized that i like public transportation.
+ i also realized that these are the thoughts that keep me from getting a license.
+ the very second i reached home from a successful day in the city, stepping out of a cab in my brand name slacks with my newbury street shopping bags on my wrist, feeling like someone important and accomplished, i heard a loud pop down the street, i didn't pay it any mind though, when i got down the street to the walgreens i saw blood all over the sidewalk and heard people screaming that someone had just shot him/herself around that corner.
+ i had a strange urge to go and look.
+ i suddenly felt really bad for feeling really good today, because it made me realize that someone, somewhere is always suffering, no matter how happy i am.
+ a line stood out to me while i was reading "the alchemist" in the prudential, it read, "it's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting" - i don't know how just yet, but i feel like with everything that happened today, these are going to be some words to take note of in my near future.
+ frank ocean is everyone's new favorite artist.
+ oh yeah, and i saw glen "big baby" davis outside of niketown on newbury street and some lady was cussing him out because he was in a rush and wouldn't stop to take a picture with her, i walked in between them during the argument and smiled a little bit and he smiled a "isn't this ridiculous" smile back, haha.

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